Caravan Parks in Snowdonia: 5 Facts About the Snowdonia National Park

5 Facts About the Snowdonia National Park

Although it’s a bit of a drive away from us on the coast at West Point Snowdonia holiday parks, there’s no denying that Snowdonia National Park is an absolute must-see for anyone thinking of visiting North Wales.

From the wild myths of old to the beautiful landscape, there’s enough to see in this stunning region to unglue you from the television for a few hours. With plenty to discover about the park, it’s time we looked into some facts to hopefully persuade you into making a visit.

1. It’s more than a little bit big…
Although it might not look the biggest on a map, Snowdonia National Park is actually massive. So massive in fact that it’s bigger than the counties of Cardiff, Merthyr, Rhondda, Newport, Caerphilly and Torfaen combined. That’s a lot of nature.

2. …but it’s also pretty sparsely populated.
It’s fair to say that the park isn’t exactly a hive of activity but all the better for it! In comparison to Cardiff’s population density of 4392 people per square kilometre, Snowdonia only has 12 per square kilometre. You will definitely have some breathing space if you visit.

3. Most of the residents speak Welsh
There’s a lot of concern amongst some Welsh people that the language is dying but so long as places like Snowdonia exist, it should be fine. 58% of people speak Welsh within its borders which is bendant yn newyddion da ar gyfer y rhanbarth.

4. Betws-y-Coed is a must-see for tourists
As soon as you set foot in the stunning village, it’s as if you’ve walked into a tale from Lewis Carroll. It is a compliment to say that it’s behind the times as there’s so much beauty and wonder to uncover that you could spend a whole day relaxing by a waterfall or exploring its shops.

5. Snowdon is the big one
You no doubt already knew this but Snowdon is the biggest mountain in England and Wales and by a fair stretch too. However, there are plenty of smaller siblings of Snowdon’s in the park and could provide a great day out on the road less travelled for all of you ramblers out there.

There’s plenty more of this to get excited about in the National Park but in keeping with the nature of the area itself, we say that the only thing to do is to go out there and explore it yourself!

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5 Facts About the Snowdonia National Park
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5 Facts About the Snowdonia National Park
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