Adrenaline Activities & Attractions Snowdonia, North Wales Adrenaline Activities & Attractions Snowdonia, North Wales
Surf Snowdonia


North Wales is the place to be when it comes to adrenaline-fuelled activities and challenges, all of which are suitable for adults, families and also children! Some like to get away to the idyllic coast of Dinas Dinlle for a relaxing weekend, but others love the rush they get from the array of exhilarating activities the beautiful region has to offer.

Book yourself on a Segway tour, the longest & fastest zip line in the world, or even delve deep into the caverns and explore what they have to offer. West Point Beach Resort is surrounded by excellent local businesses and attractions who offer all this and more, so what are you waiting for? Get booking!


Dragon Raiders Activity Park

Dragon Raiders Activity ParkWhether you are looking for an overnight excursion or a day of fun-filled activities suitable for the whole family, Dragon Raiders Activity Park have everything you want; Paintball, Segway Adventures, Bear Grylls Survival Course and the arrival of their two new overnight activities: Wild Camp Survival & Snowdon X2 Challenge. You are  guaranteed to have an experience of a lifetime with Dragon Raiders, offering an adrenaline-fuelled day you’ll never forget!

Surf Snowdonia

Surf SnowdoniaSurf Snowdonia’s Wavegarden is a world-first inland surf lagoon and the UK’s most compelling outdoor adventure destination. You can go along for the day and enjoy the stunning scenery that will surround you as you eat, drink, relax and even join in by riding the waves. The lozenge-shaped lagoon is roughly the size of six football pitches, producing a powerful two-metre wave that peels perfectly for more than 150 metres.

Zip World

Zip WorldDid you ever think you would be close enough to ride the longest zip line in Europe, the fastest in the world, as well as the largest zip line in Europe? You do not have to venture far to go on this trip of a lifetime, as Zip World is only a short commute from West Point. You can go along with friends and family and enjoy what the day has to offer, with stunning views of the scenery that surrounds you being one of the main highlights. In addition, you can also enjoy the Zip World Caverns; world’s first underground zip line course.


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