Beddgelert Christmas Fair | Holiday Parks in Snowdonia

Beddgelert Invites Visitors from Holiday Parks in Snowdonia to Explore Area at Christmas Fair

The quaint village of Beddgelert will be hosting a Christmas Fair on the 1st December and will be offering  visitors from holiday parks in Snowdonia a glass of mulled wine and the chance to explore the local myths and legends in the surrounding area.   There will be a selection of craft stalls for all of the family to enjoy and it is a great excuse to make day of it and sample the cafes, restaurants and pubs in and around the area as well as The Welsh Highland Railway. The village is a few miles away from West Point Beach Resort and Beddgelert is full of fascinating myths, legends and sublime natural beauty to keep you occupied throughout the day.

The Legend of “Gelert”

The area around Beddgelert is well known as one of the most dramatic valleys in the whole of Wales and is the perfect location for a woodland romantic walk or a challenging trek up Snowdonia, which overlooks Beddgelert in spectacular style.  There is also a chance for visitors to explore the legend of “Gelerts Grave”, Beddgelert’s most famous historical legend.   The monument marks the resting place of “Gelert” the faithful dog of the Welsh Prince Llewelyn the Great who killed the dog after he thought he had killed his infant son.  Later the Prince found the body of a mighty wolf who which Gelert had earler slain protecting the child.  The legend goes on to claim that the Prince regretted his actions so much that he never smiled again.

A Place Where Merlin made his Prophecy

There is another legend for visitors to Beddgelert to explore when they visit the nearby fort of Dinas Emrys where according to legend King Lludd ab Beli buried two dragons that fought each other every year as relayed in the Welsh epic poem the Manbinogion.  If you are a fan of Arthurian legend the area is famous for being the place where Merlin prophesised that the dragons fighting meant that the Britons would be victorious over the Saxons.  There are huge variations in the stories depending on who is telling the story but the area attracts thousands of visitors every year who are keen to learn more about the legends and make their own minds up about what is real and what is not.

Take a Ride on the Welsh Highland Railway

The Welsh Highland Railway also runs through the village which begins at Porthmadog in the South and Caernarfon in the north and is guaranteed to entertain people of all ages.  The experience takes around an hour, and afterwards you can take a glimpse inside the engine sheds, where you can work the levers in steam and diesel locomotives and find out how much coal a fireman needed to shovel each day to keep a steam engine going.   There is a stop in Beddgelert so why not hop onboard and sample a tiny part of Welsh industrial heritage for yourself.