West Point Beach Resort: Coastal Marinas in Economy Boost

Coastal Marinas Boosting North Wales Economy

One of the best sites throughout North Wales and one that’s often sought after not too far from us here at West Point Beach Resort is that of our idyllic coastal marinas. These must-see destinations for boating enthusiasts are also helping out the economy of the region with great effect.

An estimated £3.7bn is contributed to the country’s economy by boating tourism a year and it also counts for 3.2% of tourism expenditure throughout the UK as a whole. As they’re situated in some of the most beautiful parts of the country, it really is no wonder that North Wales coastal marinas are quite so sought after.

Marinas like the ones in Conwy, Deganwy and Pwlheli (the closest to us at West Point) reportedly bring in £282 million to the Welsh economy a year and it looks like there could very well be a new one coming to Holyhead in the not too distant future. If ever there was a sign of the tide of the recession abating, it’s that people are able to invest in something as heavily as this once again.

John Roberts of Conwy Quay Marinas said: “Having the marina has helped Conwy to thrive. There are 500 berths and lots of those people are going into Conwy and spending money in shops, pubs and restaurants and also supporting events taking place in the town.

“Businesses have done well on the back of the marina coming here. We employ 14 people directly but it has been estimated that indirectly the figure is around 100. A study was done that showed that more than £5m was being put into the local economy.”

Nigel Hamilton, Chairman of British Marine Federation Tourism, said: “Boating tourism is a very diverse segment of the UK tourism market and makes a valuable contribution to the wider economy. Despite the industry experiencing some challenging times in recent years as a result of the global financial crisis and subsequent recessions, prospects for future growth now look good as we expect participation rates in water-based activities to rise.”

So, why have people turned to boating in their numbers again and in particular North Wales? It could be easily speculated upon but it’s more likely than not that it’s down to our waters being some of the quietest and most relaxing to take a trip out on. Nothing quite compares.