Dinas Dinlle Beach |West Point Beach Resort & Holiday Park North Wales

Dinas Dinlle Beach nr West Point Holiday Park North Wales

Dinas Dinlle beach is considered one of the most attractive and pleasant within the North Wales area, which has maintained a reputation of being a fantastic, clean beach perfect for sunny days and coastal walks. The beach is a sanctuary for those after a peaceful and spectacular walk, with views out to sea, across the coast line and of the foothills of Snowdon.

The beach is popular amongst locals and visitors, as the natural pebble banks, views and sandy areas which make up for a great environment to enjoy a walk, ice cream or fish and chips! The beach is located just south of Caernarfon and makes for a perfect holiday destination or attraction for those camping or touring the area.

The beach is complete with a café, fish and chip shop, gift shops and pleasant public toilets, which along with this breathtaking and exceptional beach, make for the ultimate afternoon or morning out. West Point Beach Resort is located just a few minutes drive from the Dinas Dinlle beach, Those staying at this beach resort will be able to enjoy their own private access to a beach just off the resort, allowing them to enjoy peaceful walks along with stunning views of nearby Snowdonia mountain ranges, Caernarfon Bay and the Isle of Anglesey.

What you can expect when visiting this area is a great environment with panoramic coastal and mountainous views, with a place to relax and restore some energy. On sunny days, it is common to find visitors sunbathing and swimming, whilst playing games along the sand, giving the ultimate holiday vibe!