Visiting Caernarfon Castle

Visiting Caernarfon Castle

If you were to ask us here at West Point seaside holiday parks Snowdonia what was a must-see in North Wales during your stay, without equal would have to be the magnificent Caernarfon Castle.

Just a stone’s throw away from West Point, this stone behemoth has been of cultural significance since Norman the Conqueror found his way to these shores nearly 1000 years ago. A brilliant stronghold, the fortress has not seen action since a Welsh rebellion in 1294 and was held by Royalists during the English Civil War. Sadly, the Tudor era brought with it a stage of neglect for the structure with it deteriorating in quality.

Many of the interiors remain unfinished with the eventual outcome looking nothing like the original architect would have envisaged. Add the sheer amount of conflict situated in its walls and you could argue that it’s lucky to still be standing to this day.

However, in the 19th century, the iconic castle was once again returned to its former majesty with the 20th century bringing with it Prince Charles’ investiture, the current Prince of Wales. Ranking right alongside the likes of Conwy Castle for history and importance, there is much to explore when you take a day trip to this national gem.

You can take a walk all along the castle walls and bask in the glorious view all across of Caernarfon, really giving you a sense of the natural wonder of the town and the fortress itself. Tours are available to those who want to delve deeper into the mythos of this great location.

While you’re enjoying your trip to the castle, you should really get involved in the attraction of the town and take in all its best bits. A walk around its cobbled streets is always a fantastic way to learn about its charm. There’s a fantastic view of Anglesey across its bays and there are many gothic-style buildings for you to admire. Local food is always a delight and one of the many cafes is sure to offer something special.

Sure to be a great day out for everyone, an excursion to the rich castle in Caernarfon is one to put on the to-do list when you stay at West Point Resort.

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