North Wales Events Autumn and Winter 2017 - Snowdonia Holiday Parks North Wales Events Autumn and Winter 2017 - Snowdonia Holiday Parks

North Wales Events Autumn and Winter 2017

North Wales Events Autumn and Winter 2017

It may be getting colder and the winter winds are making their way into the sweeping welsh valleys, however, this area of the world has some fantastic appeal all year around. Far from a seasonal location, there are many exciting events all year around. This article aims to give you just a few of those, ready for your visit to some Snowdonia Holiday parks

October Conwy Feast

October 27th to 29th, 2017

The Conwy Feast is promising to be the best and biggest year yet. Expect a fantastic spread of foods from across the country, as food vendors from far and wide come with the express intention of being involved with such a prosperous and uniquely placed food festival. With a huge live music tent, expect some of the most interesting and hottest new acts plucked from the pool of local talent, as well as those from further afield. With a portion of your favourite grub in one hand, a pint in the other while watching some awesome local talent. There will also be workshops orientated around craftmanship, art, poetry and other interesting forms of classic Conwynese culture. This is the perfect event to nip to one evening from your Snowdonia holiday park.

Run Snowdonia Winter Technique Training Camp

10th November 2017

If you’re an aspiring mountain runner, this could be just the event for you. This camp will give you the training and tools needed to be able to overcome some extreme mountain trails at an awesome speed. This camp takes place over a few days beginning on Friday with an orientation and a social evening run, then carrying over to Saturday where you will learn how to pack your kit and manage food and hydration. This is very important as a mountain runner should pack light yet expected to have enough equipment to survive and stay safe this’ll be followed with a technique training run carrying through to the afternoon when you’ll have navigation theory. Finally, on Sunday there will be a final trial where you will run your final challenge. Check out the full itinerary here –



Portmeirion Food and Craft Fair

December 1,2, and 3rd

This gorgeous tourist village is coming to life in an entirely fresh way, with the arrival of the Port Merion Food and Craft Fair. This is three days of food, arts, crafts and culture – overfilling with excitement. This is surely the prime time to enter the gorgeous Italian style village, as it will be even more amazing than usual, with all the interesting goings-on. Coming to see in the winter months also offer a completely different kind of location that one might find in other seasons. The bare trees and mystic winter colours offer a kind of haunting beauty. Come here to find your winter wonderland during your stay at a Snowdonia holiday park.

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