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Opportunities to play Golf in Caernarfon and North Wales

Golf in Caernarfon and North Wales

Caernarfon is not only a spectacular destination for those that want to enjoy scenery, the coast line and a

An exceptional array of attractions, as it also a well renowned golf playing destination – perfect for the avid golfer! Those with Holiday Homes Snowdonia are never too far away from a great game of golf.

Many of the courses in Caernarfon are the pinnacle of golfing opportunities and facilities for the North Wales region, with a number of beautiful popular courses providing hours of peaceful golfing. The beauty of playing golf in Caernarfon and the rest of North Wales, is that you can easily be teeing off in the shadow of an ancient castle or monument one day, then taking a trip to the fantastic fairways located within the welsh countryside. The courses in Caernarfon are not only challenging and interesting; they have exceptional panoramic views of coastlines and the Snowdonia National Park.

A range of hilly, flat and sandy elements within many of the North Wales golf courses means there is something great for every type of golfer. Those who consider themselves a good golfer can take to the green at some of the harder courses, while new or amateur golfers can settle in on easier courses and holes to improve their skills for the future!

If you want to experience immaculate greens, superb condition fairways and a well laid out range of challenging holes, Caernarfon is the perfect place for a spot of golf, whether you fancy a family trip and can get away for a few hours, or want a golf break in North Wales. Visitors to Caernarfon have credited the courses as a hidden gem golfing destination in the country, which has an excellent range of accommodation in Caernarfon, along with the local facilities and attractions.

Whether you are planning a short golfing break or a family holiday, a holiday home North Wales could be the perfect accommodation to give you an ideal base on your trip. For those who wish to experience the rest of North Wales’ offerings, whether it is other golf courses or the attractions located within towns, Caernarfon is ideally situated, so you’re never too far from a fantastic local town.