Steaming Good Fun in Porthmadog near West Point

Steaming Good Fun in Porthmadog near West Point

We all love a vintage occasion which celebrates the past in all its pomp and glory in North Wales. With the recent Llandudnosteam railway Extravaganza being a success yet again, similar events are getting the exposure they deserve. This year, come and join in the Ffestinog Railway’s ‘1853 and All That’ event whilst you stay at West Point resort.

The idea is to take people back by 150 years to the Victorian era when steam railways were at their height of popularity. Being a truly authentic three day event which is organised by passionate supporters of the railway and its history, there’s plenty to do on whichever journey you choose.

Sit back and peer out of your carriage window at the gorgeous countryside whilst you sip on some aged wine and enjoy the nostalgia of the past. Experience the sight of a train on a Beer Delivery as it puffs its way from the infamous Purple Moose Brewery in Porthmadog. Staff will also be on-hand to enhance your trip by dressing up as they would have 150 years ago and doling out intriguing information about the past.

Away from the trains, there are plenty of other things to do to satisfy you and the family. Spooner’s will be dipping into the past with their uniquely-themed menu which will have some prior delicacies to try out and with its historic gin bar, it could be the perfect location to brush up your palette with the past. For something a little milder, there are Victoria teas to sample at Tan y Bwlch throughout the weekend.

All weekend long, you can take part in great activities such as rowing which is hosted by the Madog Yacht Club and it’s a free event but donations to the RNLI are greatly-appreciated. For something similar, why not watch the very first FR boat race as a sail-powered railway vehicle will try to outrun an array of fantastic rowers – a fascinating clash of old and new. Another often suggested event is to indulge your tastebuds at the famous Model Bakery which has the best pasties in the whole of Wales. At least, that’s what the locals say!

Throughout the 11th and 13th of October, go full steam ahead as you experience one of the best and most loved occasions that North Wales has to offer away from your resort at West Point.

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