Summer of Slate - North Wales National Slate Museum.

Summer of Slate – North Wales National Slate Museum.

Llanberis National Slate museum are returning with their Summer of Slate event, which offers arts and craft to kids and Girls Painting on Flooradults alike with fun and creative workshops. The event is running from the 22nd of July to 30th of August. The museum has an Art Cart, in which you can decorate your very own piece of slate, co lour a geological timescale, and even try your hand at making interesting and arty patterns in the foundry’s sandpit. If you fancy a dress up, then you can get into costume in the quarrymen’s houses.

All this is something to have a bit of fun with the youngsters while still learning all about mining and geology, and a perfect excuse to get creative with paints.

All the more reason to visit the celebrated slate museum, which is already a fantastic destination to discover more about the industry which was a large part of Wales’ commerce and cultural history.  The museum is sited on the Victorian workshops that were built in the shadow of Elidir, a mountain which is the sight of the vast dinorwig quarry. The Museum is a journey into the past of the industry and a certain way of life that was a large part of the economical growth of the country.

The museum is a popular visit destination for people visiting from Holiday Parks Snowdonia, as it is an important part of the Welsh culture, so it provides cultured visitors with a better sense of place while they are in Wales.

Learn the seizing Story of Slate, which encompasses such great events as the industrial unrest that took place in that era, as well as the lifestyle of a quarry-man and his family. There are an array of talks and demonstrations to help you understand the quarry better, even including a slate-splitting, which provides a superb insight to quarry life.

Overall the museum provides a day full of excitement and enjoyment, with the breathtaking backdrop of north Wales’ mountainous skyline.

The Museum holds the prestigious ‘Sense of Place’ award, given by the Wales Tourist Board.