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Top 5 Things to do in and around Snowdonia

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Snowdonia’s magical mountains, gorgeous natural lakes, free flowing rivers, monumental cliffs and green meadows have earned its title as one of the most amazing places in the world. West Point Beach Resort North Wales is so lucky to have all of this on its doorstep, making our park a wonderful holiday base.

Without further ado, here are 5 things that you can do in the immediate area close to our holiday park North Wales.


You’ve probably heard of this beauty. It is the most visited mountain in the UK and is also the biggest out of any in Wales and England. There are a number of routes up and down, meaning that there is a suitable pathway for all visitor walking abilities. For those that want a leisurely cruise to the top, the Snowdon Mountain Railway operates a large part of the year, offering scenic trips up to the summit and back down again. Those with dogs can take them up Snowdon, just check the advice for walking your dog on Snowdon.


Aber Falls

A famous local waterfall that offers a sublime walk up to it! On the way up to it, you’ll pass through glorious natural landscapes and even Bronze Age settlements, such as the remains of a roundhouse and smithy. The waterfall is a sight to behold and a perfect opportunity to take some photos, enjoy a picnic and relax a while.



The story associated with the town of Beddgelert attracts many visitors each and every year. In Welsh folklore, this story is famous, powerful and teaches us a lot of lessons. There was a loyal dog called Gelert, and his owner left him at home to look after his newborn baby whilst he went out hunting. One day the man returned to see the baby’s cot overturned and blood strewn across the floor. The man immediately slayed his dog Gelert under the assumption he had eaten the baby. Once Gelert was slain, the man heard a baby crying underneath the cot – unharmed – however, the man soon saw that besides the baby lay a dead wolf! Immediately, the man realised that Gelert has protected the baby from the wolf and broke down onto his knees. In honour of his hound, he renamed the town Beddgelert – and created a special grave that can be visited today.


Fairy Glen

The Fairy Glen is one of Betws-y-Coed’s main attractions, with many photographers coming from all over to picture the natural wonder. It is an enchanting flowing river with rocks positioned in and around it, creating a beautiful array of streams and substreams. It is a designated nature reserve that is abundant in wildlife and plants, making for an enchanted wonderland for us all to enjoy.


Caernarfon Castle

A ‘brute’ of a fortress, Caernarfon castle is a must visit for anyone that gets the chance to go anywhere near the area. It is one of the largest castles in the country and offers a fascinating experience. You really do get the chance to feel as if you are back in the medieval times, clambering up the towers and seeing the viewpoints that would have been used to spot invaders.


Snowdonia is becoming one of the world’s most well-renowned beauty spots and as such attracts many types of visitors in search of an adventure, relaxing time or new experience. One thing is for sure, you’ll fall in love with Snowdonia forever.