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U. DANCE at Lodges in Snowdonia

There is such a fine array of great nights out that you can enjoy during your stay at beach lodges in Snowdonia and there’s one coming up on the 23rd of February that could be your opportunity to see the stars of tomorrow.

Galeri Caernarfon is the venue for an electrifying night of youth dancing in the heart of North Wales and is all set to be a hotly-contested battle to impress between promising dancers from across all different counties.

U.DANCE CYMRU is one of many events in the area which helps young people to follow their passion and it’s that exact kind of drive and determination that you’ll expect to see at this occasion. With entrants ranging from groups from Conwy to Powys, there’s a brilliant variety of different styles and forms of dance to excite.

The organisation behind the exhibition at Galeri is also the brains of many different programmes throughout the U.K and will also be holding a similar event in March in Cardiff for youngsters. The sheer breadth of talent pools to choose from is quite stunning and with productions on in Ipswich, Greenwich, Newcastle, Birmingham and many more, there’s an opportunity for almost anyone to make a name for themselves.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the groups who will be taking to the stage at Galeri for U. DANCE:

Yr Academi (The Academy)
Autonomy Dance Group
The Unknown

Dawns i Bawb Youth Dance
Pwllheli School of Dance and Performing Arts

North Powys Youth Dance

VariousDenbighshire, Flintshire & Wrexham
NEW Dance Youth Company

As you can see above, there’s such an eclectic variety of dancers who will each undoubtedly bring their own unqiue style to proceedings, making it a perfect night out for you and the family. If you’re part of a party of 10, enjoy having one extra person along for free with an exclusive discount!

Students and children can buy tickets from as little as £5 and standard admission is just £2 dearer at a still affordable £7.

“dance company” by www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul

License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0