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West Point and Nearby Villages

Landscape view of villageAs a secluded and idyllic spot, your lodgings at West Point Resort can almost be too temptingly comfortable to allow you to go out and explore the local area. Well, you may be missing out on a trip to some truly beautiful surrounding villages if you do!

There are many places of interest near to West Point but one of the main ones is the small village of Penygroes just to the east of your accommodation. Offering much in the way of intrigue, this archaic and almost hidden area has a predominantly Welsh-speaking population with 88% of occupants speaking the language. There couldn’t be a finer time to brush up on your Cymraeg so you can wish the residents a “bore da” as you venture around the village’s streets.

Some of the famous names to have lived in Penygroes include respected poet R. Williams Parry and beloved singer Bryn Fon who has been a major player in the Eisteddfod around these parts over the last few years.

A northern journey will see you come across the quaint village of Bontnewydd: a small place famed for its gorgeous chapel which stands out for its usual architecture within the community. A great day for the family is to be had at Gypsy Wood Park with plenty for the kids to see and do in some enchanted woodland. The population of 1200 are famously welcoming and you should feel right at home in this lovely little village.

Just before Bontnewydd and only a 5 minute journey from West Point is the famous village of Llandwrog. The community will be able to regale you with tales of how it was a major asset to the campaign in World War II with its achievements on display at the local Caernarfon Air World. As well as this, Llandwrog was privileged to have the base for the first ever Sea and Mountain Rescue Team when it was first established.

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